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Construction View allows affordable tracking of the building process unlike ever before.
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Construction View specialises in time-lapse photography for the construction industry. We offer a custom-built, fully self- contained time-lapse photographic system that allows builders, developers, project managers and other stakeholders to track their construction project daily via a secure online portal.

Regularly updated photographs help you keep your eye on the job.

How does it work?

Our custom built systems use the latest technology, incorporating a high-definition camera and connectivity via the 4G mobile phone network. All components are contained in a customised weather proof enclosure mounted at the best vantage point to view your project.

High quality photos are sent at regular, specified intervals to the Construction View server and are accessible 24/7 via a dedicated username and password protected website.

Past images from any selected date can also be viewed, and customised features include digital zoom and pan, print and email.

All images are saved on our server, creating a full photographic history – from foundation to completion.

Benefits of our service

Review daily progress of
the job site

Monitor the sequence
of construction

Reduce uneccesary travel
time to job site

Ensure accountability
of onsite actions

Monitor the delivery
of materials

Real-time tracking
of construction

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